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Included in VisionProject are burn-down charts and burn-up charts. Both charts gives you a good view of the progress in a particular iteration/version/sprint.

The burn-down chart includes an ideal time line and a remaining time line.

  • The burn-down chart makes it easy to see if you will be able to deliver on time.

The burn-up chart includes an "worked time"-line which you can think of as the "budget burned". With the burn-up chart you can easily see:

  • Are we on time?
  • Are we on budget?


How is the remaining time calculated?

The initial remaining time is the sum of the "Estimated time" for all issues included in the iteration/version.

To make the burn down chart plot time you need to eiter:

  • Add work logs (report time) to the individual issues 
  • Or, update the "remaining" time field on an issue

You can also do multi-edit of the "Remaining time" on the "Versions" -> "Burn-down" page.

How is the worked time calculated?

The worked time is the cumulated sum of all Issue Work Log entries for all issues included in the current iteration/version.

But we do not want to specify worked time on each individual issue, what can we do?

1. Simply create an issue, named for example: Iteration work log.
2. Set the Estimate time to zero (we do not want to affect the scope with this issue)
3. Let your team members log worked time by creating new Issue work logs. This can be done how often you like. One team might create new issue work logs daily but others might do it weekly. Naturally, if you want fresh time and budget charts you should do this daily...

Another great thing about using the Issue Work log is that you get material for invoicing, but that's another story....

Can these charts be improved?

Yes, one thing missing is scope. If the scope is changed during an iteration/version it isn't shown in the charts and it might seem like a team are doing bad, when the actual cause for it is added features. The
scope will be included in the charts in a near future!

Do you have a need for any other types of charts? Please let us know by sending us an email!

(Note: Iterations in VisionProject are called versions.)

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