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The live support chat module makes it easy for you to communicate with your end users and customers via an online live chat.


Bundled with the chat module is the push functionality  that makes data  automatically reload/refresh in your client, this is  very useful for  support teams among others. Having the dashboard  automatically refresh  without needing to click the reload button is  very helpful and makes  sure the users doesn't miss any important new  changes.



To activate the live support chat you will have to:

  1. Activate the Live Support Chat module in the General Settings --> Additional features --> Chat module  --> Enable external/live/support chat module
  2. Enable the Chat permissions for the appropriate user roles, you do this in General Settings --> Role permissions --> Chat
  3. Configure and enable the email ticket system on the project where you want to use the live support chat --> Project --> Email ticket system --> Fill in data --> enable
  4. Enable the support chat on the project where you want to use the live support chat, in Project Settings --> Chat --> Support chat enabled

You have now two options in how you want to include the support chat.

  1. Support chat in page (no pop-up)
  2. Support chat in pop-up 

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