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You can customize which issues types, statuses, priorities and severities you want to use in your projects.

Issue types

For issue types you can choose the name and an icon. The name will be used in the "New issue"-page and in the "Edit issue"-page and the icon will be used in Issue-lists (tables).

Statuses, priorities and severities

For statuses, priorities and severities you can change the names but also choose how you want the status, priority and severity to be shown in the Issues-lists:

  • icon only
  • name only
  • both icon and name

Project specific settings

In each project you can choose which issue types and which statuses that should be used. All priorities and all severities will be available in all projects.

Status - special flags

Statuses has something called Special flags. You always need to have one status with the special flag 'New status' and one status with the special flag 'Completed status'!


You do your main customization in the 'Account Settings -> Configuration' menu and for setting which Issue types and statuses that should be used in a project you go to the 'Settings -> General' menu in the project.

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