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VisionProject 3.0 was released February 2007

Work log on issues

You can now log the work that you have done on an issue. A new section on the Edit issue form has been added, named: "Issue work log".
You can also create a report based on the work log hours. A new link is available in the Search page, named: "Work log report". You can specify which projects and which users you want to view a report for.

Ability to add more than one attachment when creating a new issue

You can now add an unlimited number of attachments directly when creating a new issue.

Alerts and escalation.

Alerts can now be configured. Alerts is triggered when:

  1. an issue hasn't been changed for a specified amount of time
  2. an issue will be overdue an specified number of hours from now
On each project where you want to activate an Alert you configure an "Alert escalation plan". In the Alert escalation plan you can specify what should happen to the issue when the Alert is triggered. You can change Status, Priority and Owner as well as send notifications to project members.

Calendar view in Issues tab and the Project page

In the Issues tab and the Project page you now have a Calendar view available.

Add images to the 'Print view' of an issue

All image files attached to an issue is now visible when viewing the "Print view" for an issue. An image file is the same as a file with these extensions: gif, png or jpg.

Export of search results and issue lists to XML/Excel/PDF/RTF/CVS

A great export feature is finally available in VisionProject. You can export all "issue-lists" that are available in the system to the following formats:
  • Excel (xls)
  • PDF
  • XML
  • CSV (Comma-Separated-Value)
  • RTF
When creating an export you can also choose which fields you want to export.

A progress report: issues grouped per issue type is added

In the Project page we have always had the "Progress chart". That chart is a historical line chart that shows the number of open issues in the last six months. A new chart has now been added that shows the number of open issues grouped over issue type. You can also choose the number of months back in time that you want to see as well as the size of the charts.

Scheduled search results/reports by e-mail

With this release we can finally offer scheduled search results by e-mail. The possibilities are unlimited but one thing that you can do is to create a search that filters out all issues that are not completed and have a Due date that has passed or that will be passed in the next 24 hours. Schedule it for 08:00 every weekday morning and send it to someone in the organization.

Support for MySQL

Support for MySQL on Windows is now available. We still have some trouble with the Linux version but it will be available in a short time. Oh, yes, this means that VisionProject will be supported on Linux real soon as well.

Ability to tag a knowledge base article as a featured article.

Set a knowledge base article as a features article and it will be available to the right on the main page for the Knowledge base.

Ability to exclude knowledge base articles from being shown in latest changed articles.

You can now prevent a knowledge base article from being shown in the "Latest changed section".

Add the ability to manage project accesses for a user at one place.

Manage which projects a users should have access to is now much, much easier. You can select which project a user should have access to on the Edit user page and as a result of that it is much easier to actually see which projects a user has access to.

Ability to create builds with a HTTP request

You can now use a HTTP request to create a new Build. This is a great thing to use if you have an automated build environment. At the end of the automated build you can add a "call" to VisionProject and a new Build will be created in VisionProject. Imagine that an issue has been set to Ready for test and after that a Build (e.g. build: 1.0.7) has been created. When viewing that issue a text will be shown: " This issue is Ready for test since version 1.0.7." This is a great help for testers!

Collapse/Expand on Project categories is added

The Project categories in the "Project tree" on the Start page can now be expanded and collapsed. The state of the tree is of course remembered.

Notifications on changes in the Forums is added

Notifications on Forums can now be configured in the same way as other Notifications.

Show view as report works on a single issue

When viewing issues in the Issues tab you have an option to view the issues as a report. The report that is used is then "Full content with inline images". You now have the same option when viewing a single issue in the Edit issue page.

Ability to choose "Reply to correspondent"-recipients from a list

In "Reply to correspondent" the ability to choose additional recipients from a nice pop-up dialog has been added.

Improved Project page

The Project page has been improved with more information about the progress and user work load.





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