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There are no specific system requirements if you are using the hosted web version and are running it over the Internet.


Web browser


We recommend that you use the most recent version of your web browser for your operating system, Windows/Mac/Linux. All major web browsers work, such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer 11 or later, except MS Edge (since it does not support open standards).


What about IE7, IE8, IE9 or IE10?


As of January 2016 Microsoft only support the latest version of Internet Explorer that is available for any platform, this means IE11 for Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

IE7 is not supported for security and performance reasons in our system, also for lack of support for modern web technology standards. IE7 is more than 12 years old, and is used by less than 0.5% of all internet users, and it is declining.


IE8 is also not supported for security and performance reasons, also for lack of support for modern web technology standards. IE8 is 8 years old, used by fewer than 1% of all internet users, and it is quickly declining. 


IE9 is not recommended for security and performance reasons, also for lack of support for modern web technology standards. IE9 is more than 6 years old, used by fewer than 1% of all internet users, and it is quickly declining. 


You should not use the normal agent/admin version of the system with another version than IE11, i.e. the admin / agent user interface. However, you and your customers can still use older versions in the support center for a while longer. 


What about running IE in compatibility mode?


The compatibility mode in Internet Explorer is a setting that disables certain functionality in the web browser to help you view webpages that were built for previous versions of the browser. However, having it enabled can break newer sites and systems such as VisionProject. 


To use VisionProject you need to disable the compatibility mode. You do this in the Menu  (show it by clicking Alt key) --> Tools --> Compatibility View settings.



Java is not required in VisionFlow
, and can be completely disabled from the system. However, there are some utilities in the system that is developed in Java that you can use if you like, for example a batch file-upload function and a document-editor utility. To get these utilities to work you will need to have Java installed on your computer. The reason for this technology choice is that these functions to-this-date, can't be implemented in any other way.




Flash is not required in VisionFlow, and we recommend that you disable Flash in your web browser. You can disable flash by following the instructions below:

  • Chrome:
    • Write "chrome://settings/content/flash" in the address/URL bar and click return, or follow the steps below:
      • Click on the  customize icon in the top right corner of the browser
      • Click on "Settings"
      • Click on "Advanced" options at the bottom of the screen
      • Click on "Content settings"
      • Click on "Flash"
    • Click on "Allow sites to run Flash" to change it to "Block sites from running Flash"
    • Go back from settings or close the settings tab
  • Firefox:
    • Write "about:addons" in your URL field and click return
    • Click on "Plugins"
    • Click on "Shockwave Flash" and change option to "Never activate"



Computer specification


There are no specific requirements for your computer, but the faster the computer the better since the system will perform better and feel quicker then. If you have a an old or slow computer then the system may feel slow, but this can be solved by closing other programs you are running and just have one web browser tab open at a time.


We recommend that you use a computer with at least 1440 x 900 screen resolution to get a good experience, but the higher the better and the majority of our customers have a 1600 x 900 resolution or higher. We also recommend running the system in maximized full screen mode, i.e. by clicking F11 in your web browser, to get a good system experience.



Please see here for the system requirements for the installed version.

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