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The hosted cloud version 13.0 of VisionFlow will be released on January 26th, 2017.

The most important changes and improvements are listed below



+ The allowed length of characters in group names has increased from 50 to 75. 


Kanban board

+ The group drop down now only shows the groups that are actively used by active users in that project. 

+ There is now a [No filter] option added to the filter field on the Kanban board



+ It is now possible to store documents on project level using your API.


User and company management

+ User groups are now sorted in alphabetical order in drop down menues as to find the right group more effectively.

+ It is now possible to merge users from within the Company page.
+ When creating a meeting and inviting attendees these attendees also gets the booking sent to their Exchange calendars, so if they accept it is added as a booking there. If they do not accept it is ofcourse not added to the calendar.
+ When creating searches for users all user fields are now available in the Users grid

+ Multiple users can now be invited to a meeting.


Issue / case management

+ When applying an issue template on an existing issue you now get an extra checkbox named "Keep product and submodule" to ensure that the product and submoduyle stays the same. 

+ When creating an issue rule it is now not only possible to add it as an action button but also to add an issue template to the button. This means that the issue will be copied or moved and that a new issue template will be used to decide which field and information should be used. Read more about issue templates here

+ The reporter drop-down on issue rules and alerts has been replaced with a label and icon: "Choose ". This icon and functionality has also been included in the field "Created by" as well as custom issue fields of type "User". When clicking this link a popup window is opened where it is possible to look up and add reporters or users. This allows for more users to be added simultaneously as well as a faster way of finding single users.

+ Issue templates are now sorted alphabetically in the templates menu.

+ To merge issues the user no longer needs permission to edit and delete issues but only the permission to merge.

+ There is now a setting which sets unassigned as default value in the dropdown in reporter field.

+ Issue history report now takes InteractionStatus for Source Direction into account

+ The autoreply in issues previously could contain 1024 characters but has now been extended to contain 2048 characters.
+ The Time zone is now corrected and saves work logs according to the user time zone 

+ It is now possible to add the same start and due date to an issue


Product/Asset/Service Management (CMDB/Configuration Item management)

+ When opening up CMDB the search field is set active so that one immediately can type and search without having to move the mouse.

+ The contract tab in the CMDB now allows for the user to send texts to contacts tied to the contract, in the same manner as when sending a SMS reply from issue. When a text is sent a new issue is created and if multiple users are being sent to they all gets added to the same issue as recipients.

+ The grid on the top right of the CI tree in the CMDB supports the option of having more than 100000 items in the cmdb. By default the system shows 100 items but the user can choose between displaying 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 items and the system remembers the option latest chosen.

+ Versions are now available for documents on products and services.

+ The products tab on Company now shows all the Products/CI's that the Company has, not only the only who are set on the CI.



+ It's now possible to merge issue tags in the Tags panel and in the Edit Tag dialog, in the same manner as one can merge issues. 

When two tags are merged the system asks the user which of the existing tag names the merged tag should use. All issues that had the two previous tags, should has the same merged tag afterwards.  


Email Ticket System

+ The "Email reply" function has been renewed and improved and is now named "Send email". Besides being able to sent to one or many recipients it also allows for user type custom fields to be included as options. 

+ There is now logs for changes of email settings, allowing better traceability and visibility of user actions.


Recent Activity portlet

+ The Recent Activity portlet has been improved so that is it now possible to filter on date by using the date column. When using the date column so sort activities the time limit iis also extended an all activities perfomed withing the given timeframe are presented, unlike earlier when only a shorter period of time was shown.

+ There is now extended logging of changes on projects and issues, which is shown in the portlet Recent Activities as well as on the History-tab on projects. Read more here!


+ If a date is moved or scheduled after the project deadline you now get warning popup in the user interface. This to give the user a chance to put it within the project deadline and be aware that the previous date was not ok.

+ When copying a project it now calcualtes from the working days in the original project. This means that if copying a project with 4 working days and starting the new project on a thursday, it will not count the weekend and therefore the project will have it's deadline on tuesday rather than sunday. A project can therefore never have it's end date on a weekend.

+ The additional usergroup limit has been removed allowing  any number of additional usergroups to be added to projects.



+ Service Report has been improved. The chart and text has been made bigger and more easily read.

+ It is now possible to export the Project summary report (Grid) to Excel. 

+ Issue history reports has been improved. 

+ There is now support for outgoing calls with "call outcome" = answer, and also issues with source "Phone out" or "Phone in". If data from different event types are included then these are shown in the report as separate bars in different colors.  


Quick search

+ Deleted issues are also included when Quick search indexes.

+ It is now possible to search in all fields as an unified unit, not only the title and description, when doing an AND search.

+ Quick search is improved and now matches against any custom CI field on the issues.



+ There was a short interruption in the functionality with issue rules where incoming messages were labeled as "New" rather than "New message. It is described in more detail here.

+ Previously if a user only belonged to one usergroup that user would not be able to login if that one user group was deleted. This is now adjusted so that the user doesn't get shut out of the system if the user group is deleted.

+ If " or // was used in a issue-title the issue would previously not be shown in "Related articles" list but this is now fixed and the issues are shown if related.

+ The default settings for spam filter has been adjusted so as not to mark as many adresses as illegal if not the usual spam ey words are met. Read more about spam filters here. 

+ The quick search funtionality using AND/OR would occasionally missed out on searching in all fields and comments, but it is now fixed and worked as planned.

+ Importing users stoppped working for a while but this is working as ususal now and has an imporved error message.

+ There were problems with posting forms but this has been fixed and now works as normal. 

+ The filters in Kanban had a temporary glitch where the filters and groupings were forgotten for some users but this has been fixed.

+ Previously when filtering in the calendar for specific users the work exceptions wasn't filtered but showed all users. This is now fixed and the filter also includes work exceptions. 

+ When users has a different time zone than the server and used the work log setting "Use only work date and time spent" it could sometimes create a  (probably user's time zone should differ from server's time zone)

+ There was a previous problem with reports when exported to excel not showing the same amount as in the system. This has now been handled and reports and the system mirrors each other. 

+ SMS-reply used to include also previously removed users but this is fixed and the text now only goes out to the users added on the SMS. 

+ Exporting from Excel now works as planned and show no error messages.

+ Tags has been updated so that it's possible to mark multiple tags and save without information getting lost.

+ Sub-issues now works as normal and it is possible to choose and interact with them.

+ The dashboard/recent activity now only shows changes in IFC for the projects the user has acces to.

+ The communication between issues and reports now works better so that the amount of issues in system and reports corresponds.

+ Exporting issues from companies using a date selection now works as planned.

+ The links referring to different KB-articles works as normal now.
+ Issue history report does no longer contain not-answered calls.

+ When inviting users to meeting the popup shown now displays clear and correct information

+ It now impossible to delete a custom field section that is used by any custom fields. Instead of getting the confirmation question (do you really want to delete... ), a warning instead pops up saying that you cannot delete custom field sections that are in use. 

+ It's no longer possible to add users to a contract as specific user groups

+ The user popup in issues now contains all users in the system account so that it is possible to add them as reporters

+ Issue rules are now sorted alphabetically

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