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 2016‑01‑17 ‑ Problem with email ticket system Export knowledge base Export     SubscribeSubscribe      Show article info

During Tuesday 17th of January (CET/UTC+1) a bug was found in the Email Ticket System module. This bug resulted in a problem where the status didn't change on existing tickets/issues in VisionProject for incoming emails.


Affected customers 


  • Customers using the Cloud/SAAS version of VisionProject
  • and that are using Email Ticket System module
  • and also are using the setting "Status change for existing issues" in the Email settings on the Workspace/Project level
  • and also have one or more email processing rules defined in the Email settings




Problem identified:    Tuesday January 17th at 13:00

Problem start:           Monday January 16th 18:00 

Problem resolved:     Tuesday January 17th at 16:00


Recommended actions by customers


  • To resolve the problem go through and check all issues/tickets that have been modified between 16th of January at 18:00 and 17th of January at 16:00.
  • If the issues/tickets have received an incoming email and status has not been changed, then manually change the status on these issues/tickets to the correct status, such as "Reply received".
  • Take action on the incoming emails
  • This should be done for all workspaces/projects with an active email ticket system.


Root cause


Software bug in the code in the email processing rule engine in the Email Ticket System Module  



We are terribly sorry and apologize for the disruption of our service, we are thankful for your patience. 


If you have any questions related to this incident please contact us at or by phone on +46 771 105000.

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