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Tailor issue tabs in support center by choosing amongst searches.

It is possible to choose which tabs should be displayed in the issue tracking system in the support center by using the searches available in the left panel. 

1. Go to Searches menu on your left hand side (the tab in between Navigation and Tags on the bottom left hand side. Create a new search or choose the search you want to use and press the "Edit"-icon.

2. The search opens up. Add alterations if you want to or go straight to pressing the "Save"-button.
Remember that some searches are private and some are public. If you change searches other users has access to they will change for them too. 

3. In the window that opens up, in the Support center section check the checkbox for "Available to choose as a tab for issue tracking in support center".


Note that "Save column and column order from the grid" means that the columns and column order you just saved will be  exactly what is displayed in the support center later.

IMPORTANT: Columns not saved on the search itself will then not be shown in the support center!




4. Now go to the project where your support center is. Press the Support center tab and in the section Issue Tracking system choose the tabs you want to display.


5. Write the tab order and press "Add". This is now saved as a tab.

Note: The default issue tabs in the support center will only be shown if you do not have any saved tabs in this setting.

So, if you add a single search tab here, then the Issues page in the support center will show only one tab (instead of the 4 default tabs). 

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