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VisionProject should be upgraded using an installation program. The installation works both in a graphical and a console environment (see instructions for the installation below). The upgrade software is smart, so it will know what version you are running (7.1 and above) and upgrade your system accordingly.


NOTE! The installation program can be used on VisionProject version from and including v7.1. If you have an older version than that you have to first use the old upgrade instructions to get up to v7.1.

First of all; take a backup copy of your current installation, all files and documents, including the database!

Secondly, if you haven't done so already, upgrade to Java 7 and Tomcat 7 in your test and live environments!
we recommend that you upgrade your test environment first and test the system before upgrading your live system, to make sure it works OK.

Read more about this here...
Also, you can read more about how to set up a test environment here...

Fourthly, shut down Tomcat before the upgrade process starts, so that there are no one using the system during the upgrade.


To get the installation files

  1. Go to our Support Center
  2. Go to the Documents section, click on Login (top right corner)
  3. Log in with your Support center username
  4. Open "VisionProject Installations" folder in the documents section
  5. Download the latest version of the installation/upgrade, for example VisionProject-12.2.82-installer.jar, and start the installation
  6. If you are unsure about the upgrade, you can follow the upgrade instructions below either via Graphical installation or Console installation


Upgrade with the Graphical installation


NOTE! Make sure that the file VisionProject-x.x-installer.jar is on a local disk and not on a network disk!


Start the installation by double-clicking on VisionProject-x.x-installer.jar and the installation program will start.



1. Select "Upgrade existing installation"


Knowledge Base Images/Installation/upgrade_graphical_1.png



2. Specify where you have VisionProject installed. Select "Yes" in the message box that will appear.


Knowledge Base Images/Installation/upgrade_graphical_2.png



3. The installation program will fetch the current document path that you have from your current configuration.

Select "Yes" in the message box that will appear. See below.


Knowledge Base Images/Installation/upgrade_graphical_3.png



4. Just click "Next" to upgrade the database. The configuration that you have will point to the right database.


Knowledge Base Images/Installation/upgrade_graphical_4.png



5. The upgrade is finished.


Knowledge Base Images/Installation/upgrade_graphical_5.png




6. Now, open up VisionProject in your web browser. An "Initial configuration" might be shown, just go through the wizard and you are all set.




Upgrade with the console installation

Start the upgrade by executing this command (make sure that you are using Oracle's JDK):


java -jar VisionProject-x.x-installer.jar -console




Knowledge Base Images/Installation/console_upgrade-mod.png



1. Select 1 for an upgrade

2. Specify where you have the VisionProject webapp

3. Specify where you have the documents for VisionProject

4. Select 0 to upgrade the database



Now, open up VisionProject in your web browser. An "Initial configuration" might be shown, just go through the wizard and you are all set.


Finally, test that your upgrade is OK, we suggest that you try some basic tasks such as: 
  • Log into the system
  • Click around in the system to see that projects/workspaces and object views open as they should
  • Create some issue/tasks
  • If you are using the email ticket system module then make sure that emails are imported into the system and that you can reply to them
  • If you are using the support center module then open the support center to see that it loads correctly and also log in as a support user and look at the different pages
  • For a more thorough test, follow the suggested test cases here...

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