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Monthy payments are standard


You are billed monthly in arrears by default, i.e. after you activate your system account in the cloud version of VisionProject. You will receive your first invoice one month after you activated your account. The invoice will be based on the maximum number of active users in your account during the month. This means that you can add and remove (activating / inactivating) users in your account and you have complete control over your monthly costs. The prices on for monthly payments are 20% higher compared to the list prices here... 


Longer billing periods and discounts


For 12 month billing period we require pre-payment. To pre-pay, you just need to email us and tell us when you want to start the 12 month period and the number of users you want to tie up during the period. This is the minimal number of users you commit yourself to pay for during the time-period.


For the number of users you tie up you will get the discounted price listed here, and this amount is not refundable. If the number of users in you account exceeds the number of users you have tied up and pre-paid for, then you will be charged the normal price for these users, and this will be adjusted on the next invoice.


When a new 12 month billing period is about to start you will be charged for the current active number of users you have active in the system, unless you tell us something else.


All invoices can be paid securely inside VisionProject using Visa/MasterCard for your convenience.


If you are interested in this then just let us know by emailing us at

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